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MotionPanel HMI for Compumotor Controllers

The MotionPanel product is a turnkey motion HMI for the 6K and Gemini 6K products. You can use CTC's Interact software to customize panels to meet specific application needs.

Out of the box, the MotionPanel connects Ethernet to 6Ks and Gem6Ks. You can also communicate to 6000 Series, Gemini, Compax, Compax3, iBE Motors, and the ViX products.

Sample applications are listed below to demonstrate how you can communicate with these products.

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FlashBack Utilities

These utilities are used to create a pre-programmed Runtime Compact Flash image for a MotionPanel.

MotionPanel Flashback Utility (installs MotionPanel application configured to work with a 6K or Gemini6K)
Read Me File
Gemini UDI Flashback Utility (installs the Gemini application for Gemini Binary Serial communications)
Read Me File


Interact Drivers

The links below will take you to the download pages to download the most recent version of the Interact driver. Please see the sample application section to download pre-configured Interact project files.

Product Family
Interact Driver Links
6K Controllers TCP/IP Ethernet and Serial Connectivity
COMPAX Servo System Serial ASCII Protocol
Compax3 Drive Controller Serial ASCII protocol
Gemini 6K Controller/Drive TCP/IP Ethernet and Serial Connectivity
Gemini Drives Serial Binary Protocol Communications


Serial ASCII Protocol
iBE Series Motors Serial ASCII protocol
ViX Servo Drive Controller Serial ASCII protocol


Sample Applications That can be used with a MotionPanel

The links below will download MachineShop project backups of sample Interact applications. The downloads are WinZip archives of MachineShop projects. For instructions on how to install the projects, please see How to Download and Install a Sample Project information below.

Project Link
Driver Needed
6K and Gemini 6K MotionPanel - Auto-Detects connection to 6K or Gemini6K
6K Teach - Move two axes and save as positions to data program
Acroloop Controllers Serial Connection - Modify Parameters, create motion, monitor status, ...
Compax - Modify Parameters, create motion, monitor status, ...
Compax3 - Modify Parameters, create motion, monitor status, ..
Gemini - Complete application similar to 6K/Gem6K MotionPanel
iBEMotors - Complete application similar to 6K/Gem6K MotionPanel
ViX Servo Drive Controller - Complete application similar to MotionPanel
Zeta - Make motion, monitor variables and status


How to Download and Install A Sample Project:
  1. Print these instructions.

  2. Click desired download link listed above.

  3. Save the zip file to disk.

  4. Use Winzip to extract the files contained in the zip file to the C:\Machshop\Backups directory using the 'Use Folder Names' option.

  5. Launch the MachineShop Toolbar and choose Tools -> Restore Backup -> Project

  6. Point the backup location to C:\Machshop\Backups directory and choose the project backup you would like to restore.

  7. If you do not have the required communications driver installed, please follow the
    Driver Needed link to download and install the necessary driver.


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