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As a service to our valued customers, CTC has developed a Reference Library where you can view and/or download user manuals, installation guides, or release notes for products that are still under warranty. All of the documents are stored as PDF files. If you need to download Acrobat Reader, click the image to the right to go to the Adobe website.

To find the document you are looking for, click the text link or the image that represents the product type you own. These links open to a corresponding page that lists all of the documentation available for that product type.

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CTC's software suite includes Interact, InteractX, and MachineShop. The documentation for these products include Getting Started guides, Installation guides, and other reference material.


CTC offers a variety of hardware products, including replacement parts and optional equipment. Installation guides for replacement kits are posted under the corresponding PowerStation. Products that are used on more than one type of PowerStation are posted under Universal Hardware/Utilities.


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